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You may be wondering what is the purpose of this website. What is it's goal? Why is it here? Who made it?

It is the goal of this website to education and provide information about how to get rid of roaches without having to pay for a professional exterminator. All information provided here will be to help out the average home owner, or renter control the cockroach population that he, or she may be unfortunate enough to have to deal with.


Why was this website created? I made this website for two reasons. One, to help others and two, to store my notes and information I have collected about how to deal with this serious pest problem. I made it to help others because when I first had to deal with this problem myself, I was lost about where to turn to for info and it took a lot of time and research to find and test various bits of information to find a solution that worked at controlling a cockroach infestation.


Who is the face behind this website? While I would to post a picture of myself, I'm a little shy (or maybe paranoid? or maybe both). I feel that since I'm providing this information for free with no intent of making any money or anything in return, it's ok for my face to remain anonymous. If you curious though, my name is Paul, and I too have suffered the stress from cockroach infestations.

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